Lake of the Woods, HOA


Lake of the Woods is a fee simple, deed restricted community.

As stated in the Declarations,  Lawn signs can not be any larger than 5 square feet in size to advertise the property for sale or rent.  In addition to this sign, the Owner is allowed one container for information about the property.  Such container shall be no larger than 13 by 8 inches.  NO OTHER SIGNS (BROKERS’ NAME PLATES, WARRANTIES, ETC.) OF ANY TYPE MAY BE ATTACHED TO THE BASIC 5 SQUARE FOOT SIGN.

Parking is enforced and street parking is not allowed.

Guest Parking is only for guest

Monthly Assessment  NOTE: AS OF APRIL 1, 2023 THE NEW AMOUNT IS $245.36

Please review our Rules and Regulations - By-Laws and CC&R's

Any questions please email


Summary of Insurance

Home Owners and/or Mortgage Lenders looking for insurance coverage need a HO3 Insurance policy.

Homeowners policy to cover Roof, Exterior Walls, and Interior contents of the unit.

Any questions on the association policy please email:

Association Insurance Provider - CBIZ Insurance - E-Mail your request for information to:

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